Google’s Enemy:- Illegal Content Sites

There are some sites and blogs which i have seen that are having huge traffic throughout the day,But still they are not able to get a good alexa rank or search preference.

Google Hates you? |

One of the popular reason is that the site contains illegal content such as pirated digital media,hatred speech or bad vocabulary.So basically sites providing pirated games are not preferred by Google,but due to their high intensity of searching,Google is forced to show them as to maintain the title of Best Search Engine.Are you a victim of Google anger cyclone ?

Maintaining a Good Relationship

A good relationship with Google! |

To maintain a Good relationship,Write Search engine friendly articles or SEO friendly articles.Google is a very Big giant on internet,if you make angry this giant animal your site would be a prey of it.Now how to be friendly with google?

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  1. Dont write illegal stuff such as piracy,hatred speech.
  2. put more tags to your posts in your blogger .
  3. Engage your audience .

Hope you would see to these 3 important advices.These might be looking too small but they do carry a big meaning!


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