Android Watch(Smart Watch): A Breakthrough in Watch Technology?

Now Android is not only in your Smartphones or Tablets,Now your watches would also be empowered by Android System!When i got to know this i was so excited that i thought lets rush to ATM and through the cash buy that Android Watch!

Android Watch |


What You can Do with it?
You can Read Emails and messages right through the watch!Swipe to scroll. Touch to navigate. Gmail, POP3 and other email plugins are available at Google Play Store.

Leave out your cellphones too if you use them for social networking because this watch has this feature too!Update your status or tweet on the GO!Also You can read Facebook messages and tweets as they come in.And What will be a watch without a calender? It Does have one!



Read messages! |



1.36 mm x 36 mm, thickness: 8 mm

  • 15.5 g main unit
  • 26 g watchband

2.Bluetooth Operating Range 10m

3.Multi-touch color OLED display

Hot Tip of  This Hour: Rename your Start Menu Text!



So are you planning on to buy this watch? Do tell us in Comments.Keep Reading


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