Wireless Charging


Inductive charging  uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects. This is usually done with a charging station. Energy is sent through an inductive coupling to an electrical device, which can then use that energy to charge batteries or run the device.

ADVANTAGES of wireless Charging

  • Lower risk of electrical shock or shorting out when wet because there are no exposed conductors, for example toothbrushes and shavers, or outdoors.
  • Protected connections – no corrosion when the electronics are all enclosed, away from water or oxygen in the atmosphere.
  • Safer for medical implants – for embedded medical devices, allows recharging/powering through the skin rather than having wires penetrate the skin, which would increase the risk of infection.
Wireless Charging |Dhavalthakur.com

DISADVANTAGES of Wireless Charging

  • Lower efficiency, waste heat – The main disadvantages of inductive charging are its lower efficiency and increased resistive heating in comparison to direct contact. Implementations using lower frequencies or older drive technologies charge more slowly and generate heat within most portable electronics.
  • More costly – Inductive charging also requires drive electronics and coils in both device and charger, increasing the complexity and cost of manufacturing.
  • Slower charging – due to the lower efficiency, devices can take longer to charge when supplied power is equal.
Nokia Lumia series|Dhavalthakur.com

Wireless charging is available in Nokia Lumia series now! See what they have to say on this

Now you can boost your Nokia Lumia’s battery without plugging it in. Nokia Lumia 920 has wireless charging built-in. And you can charge Nokia Lumia 820 wirelessly by adding on a wireless charging shell .
Our energy-efficient wireless chargers come in all shapes, sizes and colours, so you can pick one to match your phone. Best of all, they’re all Qi-compatible, which means you can use any wireless charger you like. And your friends can share yours too. Watch the videos to see more.

Hope you guys now know the meaning,its advantages and disadvantages 😀 Keep reading!


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