How To Take care of Your Touch Smartphone

I have HTC Diamond 2 and its a smartphone having touchscreen.For a touch screen mobile phone,its touch screen is like its heart,So when its damage your mobile is gone for bad!o the smartphone users have to take a little more cautions to keep their mobile damage free

Guard your Touch Screen|

So below i am sharing some tips to take care of your touch screen phone

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Some tips which i strongly recommand:-

  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight,because it will damage the quality of the LCD
  • The touch screen is very delicate and it is important how you carry them.If you have a larger touch screen phone,you should avoid placing it in your front or back pocket
  • Use a screen protector or a scratch-resistant plastic on the phone screen
  • Do not put too much pressure on the screen,just tap the screen naturally
  • Keep your cellphone away from objects that contain a magnetic field such as radios,televisions etc
  • Use your index finger while working on the screen,do not use nails to wipe the screen when you are using because itwill lead to scratched screens.Instead,use a soft tissue or a clean cloth to wipe the screen.

So as you have read that keeping a touch smartphone is also sometimes irritating! but as like there are always some bad and good factors of everything!

I hope you liked my tips,Keep visiting


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