Create A Contact Form with File Upload Option

There are sometimes when you need to have  a contact form witha a upload button,so that users can attach some files with the forum

Steps for Creating This:-

  1. Create a free account at emailmeform
  2. When you are registered there,click the “Add a Form” button and choose the form builder option.
  3. Select the Field you want in your form.Do put only necessary fields


  4. form builderThe form builder has blue buttons at left and display at right. When you click a button on left the effect is displayed on right. Now kindly follow as I instruct for keeping things simple and for creating a simple but informative contact form.

Now Do this

  1. Click the Name button in advance section
  2. Next click Web site
  3. Next Email
  4. Next Hidden Field. Now click the hidden field section on the right and rename it as Age
  5. Next click Hidden Filed again and rename it as Country
  6. Next click File Upload  (Optional you can leave this option if you don’t want users to send you files via email)
  7. Now From the Basic section click Paragraph Text & click it to rename it as Message
  8. To make a specific form option a must to fill then simply click that row and select required as shown below

edit form fileds

Now you can carry on the process and  can get the code for your form 🙂

Note: Paste the Contact Form code in Edit HTML mode only and hit the publish button on blogger Post Editor. Do not toggle to compose mode because this will collapse the form.



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