How to Make your Own Cooling Pad for laptop for Free

Are you a laptop user? an extensive one? Yeah Me also. I watch animes,play games and god! a lot of downloads too .But these activities do hurt our beloved machines.If you use your laptop for a lot of processor-intensive activities such as gaming, or your programs tend to crash a lot, then you need a laptop cooling pad. With a few simple materials, you can create your own custom cooling pad to keep your computer cool and safe! So Today I am Going to Tell you how to make your own cooling pad for free at home!

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Make a coolingpad |



  • A piece of wood slightly larger than your laptop
  • Saw
  • Electric drill
  • Drill bit about the size of a pencil
  • Sandpaper blocks
  • Paint or wood stain
  1. Measure your laptop’s length and width and write it down.
  2. Buy a piece of plywood or other wood slightly larger than your laptop’s dimensions. Add about 2 centimeters (0.75 inches) on each side for extra space. The wood should be around 1.25 centimeters (0.5 inches) thick.
  3. Measure the wood and cut it to size, if necessary.
  4. Drill holes about 2 centimeters (0.75 inches) apart in a grid pattern on the board. You should be able to fit a pencil through the holes, but not much more. If you have serious overheating problems, drill the holes closer together
  5. Sand off the rough edges to prevent splinters.
  6. Vacuum lightly over the board. This will prevent any wood particles from getting sucked into your computer by the fan.
  7. Customize your cooling pad by painting it any way you want. If you aren’t very artistic, get a paint that complements your laptop. If the wood is nice enough (not particleboard), you could use a nice wood stain.
  8. If your laptop does not have ‘feet’ under it (pads that raise it up), glue on something to raise the laptop a bit. This is important for air circulation.

WARNING:-Do not get any tools that may have magnets on them (i.e. screwdrivers) near your computer. This could erase your hard drive!

So Guys your pad is ready! do tell me how much you liked this tutorial 🙂



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