Create Your Own social Network for Free

Its the age of social networking,with giants like Facebook,twitter and Google+,There is an increase in demand in this sphere.New social networks are coming up and are trying to compete with these huge stars each one provides features which either lacks in facebook or twitter.

Create your Own social network | guide
Create your Own social network | guide


So here in this post i am going to tell you one way on how to create a free social network in minutes without any server or any coding knowledge.


You can create your own social network from Spruz.Spruz offers all the features Facebook has for free user.Spruz offers the Next Generation in Website Technology. Enjoy a socially enabled website with feature such as Blogging, Videos, Photos, Events, Member Profiles, Chat, IM, and so much more!Create and use rwebsites completely free for as long as you want, our websites are a complete solution with full editing, hosting and support. |


This site is awesome and i would like you to refer all of you to make a site if you are planning to do so.

Hope you liked this article and do comment telling how you liked the service


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