Install Android on any iOS device in 13 Steps

Sometimes Apple users feel that i iwsh i also had an android version in my phone. Now today is presenting a How to do guide which  will make your apple device a android one!

Apple and android friends ! :D

I am going to show you how to successfully install and run Android on a compatible device using a simple application downloaded from  the Cydia app store called Bootlace, you just have to follow me step by step 😀


  • iPhone 2G, 3G, or iPod touch 1G
  • Jailbroken iOS version iOS 3.1.2 to 4.1
  • Cydia

Steps To install Android

  1. Open Cydia and Add a Repository to Cydia step1 to install android to iOS device
  2. click on Manage > Sources. You will be presented with a list of the Cydia repositories for jailbroken applications. Click the edit button in the top-right of the application, then click the Add button that appears in the top-left. You will be presented with a popup that asks you to enter a Cydia/APT URL. Type in the following URL, then click Add Source: you do this, there will be a loading screen that appears letting you know that the sources are being loaded. Upon loading completion, you will be able to return to Cydia.
  3. Download and Install Bootlace step2
  4. Navigate to the search page in Cydia and type in Bootlace to find it. Click the install button to have Bootlace installed on your device. Once install has completed, exit Cydia and return to the homescreen.
  5. Launch Bootlace and see Android being installing up
  6. After the patch has been applied, you will be asked to reboot the device. After it does so, launch Bootlace.
  7. Install OpeniBoot
  8. OpeniBoot is a bootloader for your iPhone that will let you easily switch between booting iOS or Android (iDroid). This is similar to the Apple-produced bootloader on the Mac called Bootcamp that lets you switch between Windows and Mac operating systems.

    To install OpeniBoot, load Bootlace, select the OpeniBoot tab and tap install. You will be prompted with a warning reading, “Bootlace is about to install OpeniBoot. This involves flashing important parts of your device and must not be interrupted or your device will require a restore. Do not close the app during any part of the install.”


  9. This process will take a few minutes. When it is completed, you will be returned to the OpeniBoot tab in Bootlace.
  10. Install iDroid
  11. Once you have OpeniBoot installed, you will need to navigate to the iDroid tab in Bootlace. Once there, tap the install button, and connect your device to a wall outlet before continuing on with the install process.

     Do not connect it to a computer, otherwise it will launch iTunes, causing the install process to fail.

  12. After you agree to the warning, your device will begin downloading iDroid. Depending on your Internet connection, this may take a while.

    After iDroid has been installed, you will get important information about your version of iDroid, including the iDroid version number, Android version number (Currently 2.2.1; or, Froyo), and date installed. In addition, you can do a one-click upgrade when updates are available, or remove your current install.

  13. When you’re ready to boot into Android, simply visit the QuickBoot tab and tap on the Android icon. When you do, a notice will popup saying, “Warning – This will reboot your device into Android immediately. Are you sure?” Assuming you are, select Yes.

    Your device will begin the iDroid boot. While the boot process is happening, you will see text fill the screen. After a few minutes, you will see the standard Android loading scree, and shortely thereafter, you will be presented with the Android unlock screen.

Hence now your iOS Device is running Android 😀 Do Comment how you liked this article


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