Who’s security is better :iOS or Android?

Although developers are trying to create secure operating systems for mobiles,a fully secure OS still remains an utopian concept.

iOS- Operating system by Apple
Apple’s iOS security model runs each third-party apps in an isolated environment so that the application may only accesss its own data and permitted system resources. When it comes to application distribution,all apps are submitted by developers go through a manual review process with restrictions based on policies regarding issues such as data collection,API usage and user interface guideline compliance

Android: Operating system by google

It has system security model that supports its open application distribution model.When installing an app,users are presented with the list of permissions requested by the app.Permission allows app to access specific data,sms messenging and the ability to access internet

The android market has a more community-based approach then Apple’s app store.some security checks are performed when apps are submitted to the market,but its expected that community as a whole will participate in identifying malicious or undesired apps.this allows android developers to update their apps much more quickly then with Apple’s curated model.

I use both OS, and I think both are good in their own places. 🙂 what’s your say? Do comment! Refer here To Transform your windows into Macintosh !

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