RealMedia Trick: See all episodes in one go

Today I was watching Dragonball series but was just irritated that after every episode I had to close that episode and double click another episode to see :/ so here I used this trick 😉

Use notepad to open a new file, type this inside:
file://link to file1
file://link to file2
(type as many as you want)
Close file. Rename it to FileName.rm

Then you`re done!!!!

I put my playlist file here: C:\Movies\7VNR
And the movie files are in C:\Movies\7VNR\DragonBall

Then inside my playlist file I`ll have something like this:


Isn’t it a cool method? 😀 share it with your friends and keep reading my articles :))



2 thoughts on “RealMedia Trick: See all episodes in one go”

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