Windows 8 for Gamers?

Windows 8 attracted all people because of its fascinating features.But is this true among gamers also?

Earlier Windows Vista proved to be an enemy among gamers ,choosing XP as their friend.But if we see Windows 8 rite now too its not favourite among gamers . Windows XP and 7 remain the winners.W8 is just good for freshment and new tech enthusiasts ,maybe in future games would come for Windows 8 too.

So I suggest to stay on your current OS rather then shifting to W8.

Till then keep reading.
And do comment your views too 😀

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4 thoughts on “Windows 8 for Gamers?”

  1. dude! I already shifted to windows 8. Its perfect for gaming I can run my ps2 games better than win7 and win8 taking less ram than windows 7.

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